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Organic Plant Feed can be considered a refined version of compost tea.  As we know, compost tea is ‘brewed’ by aerating a mixture of water, compost (sometimes humus or worm castings) and organic nutrients such as molasses, kelp, fish emulsion, etc.
IMPORTANT: Organic Plant Feed uses only non GMO plant based ingredients such as  lemongrass, rice husk, castor seed, coconut, linseed, citrus peel, etc. fermented over several weeks and distilled.
Organic Plant Feed Fertilizers 
It conditions the soil.  When sprayed onto the underside of the leaves, trunks and roots of a plant drip off into the ground to improve soil and growing conditions.  We have reports of a piece of dead ground, over-fertilised with the liberal application of chemical NPK, becoming arable once more after several treatment. 
Our Requirements:
We require all potential users to test our product, and not take our word for its effectiveness and capabilities.  We do not want you to commit in large volume until you have thoroughly tested our product, to your satisfaction.
Let us know what sort of plant you wish to test with our fertiliser and we provide you with a suitable application table.  
For instance, for one acre of rice for one entire growing cycle of 125 days, we require only 6 litres.  
It will be our pleasure advise and assist you.
In addition, with our product, the farmer need not to buy either pesticide or insecticide as our product uses natural ingredients for insect repelling. 
Pesticides and insecticides not only kill the pests, but also harm the good bacteria thriving in the soil and around the plants.  Overall they also contribute to the degradation of fertility of the soil over time.   With our product, overall fertility is enhanced, and reconditioned.
With Organic Plant Feed, you can be assured that your plants grow with plant DNA and organic nutrients and are healthy all round, contributing also to the health of the consumer.

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