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This RICE PLOT had been using UREA for a long time for planting rice.
Due to the excessive use of UREA and high acidity - no vegetation can be grown even after several attempts using UREA and some American Fertilizer. 
This is a "DEAD LAND".
The LAND Owner approach our Organic Plant Feed Fertilizer Distributor in Myanmar, Yangon to assist in this matter to see any more chance to grow RICE in his plot of "DEAD LAND" using our Organic Plant Feed Fertilizer.
A 2 HECTARES of Rice Plot was selected to begin this trial in mid October 2011 as this is the Rice Planting starting seasons In Myanmar.
A Special Rice named: Myanmar Royal Rice was selected for this Test -110 days Harvest Rice Cycle – Harvest time at approximate on early Feb 2012.
10.96liters of Organic Plant Feed Fertilizer for 1 Hectare.
A total of 22 Liters of Organic Plant Feed Fertilizer are used for this trial.
Due to high acidity 1:180 mixed Fertilizers (100ml in 18liter of water)
is used, while normal cases 1: 900 mixed Fertilizers (20ml in 18liter
of water) is used for treatment of soil before sow seed takes place.
Soak seeds in Mixed Proportion (1:500) solution for 3 hours – 5 %
sprout on seed can be observed. Then buried the soak seed in pit
covered with water soaked rice stalk for 3 days – 90-95% sprout can
be seen on the rice seed.
Spraying was done on 10days Spray Interval till the 100 days.
12.5 MT was harvested from the 2 Hectares, 6.25 MT per Hectares.
Price in Myanmar: USD 0.95cts per Kg.
Gross Profit USD5.500+ per Hectares when using Organic Plant Feed Fertilizer
Organic Plant Feed Fertilizer has a high pH of 9.0 – 10. It is able to
rejuvenate the acidity land or "DEAD LAND" into a productive land.
Organic Plant Feed Fertilizer has a high level of micronutrient to
assist the rice plant in the fast growth rate and higher yield.
It neutralized the acidity land into more alkaline land mass.
Continuing 2nd trial to 3rd trial to future trial would enhance the
"DEAD LAND" into a higher yield as each harvest goes by an increase of at
least 20% yield and above can be achieved.

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