About Organic Plant Feed Fertilizer

About the Organic Fertilizer

Organic Plant Feed is a liquid concentrate organic fertiliser with no residue. Its components include lemon grass oil which keeps the fertiliser lubricated and able to use even during low temperatures.  (For application during winter months, it is best to heat the water to room temperature to mix the initial volume before mixing with the main volume.)
Organic Plant Feed can be used for all kind of crops and vegetables.
Organic Plant Feed Fertilizer
Two in One:
It is both a fertiliser and an insect repellent.  
No other product has this quality of insect repelling; they are either fertiliser or insecticide; not insect repelling.  So this two in one product also save the customer the cost of buying the pesticide. 
Very Important:
Pesticide not only kills the pests, but also kills the good microbes living in the soil.  This leads to a degrading of the soil's overall fertility, which over time, becomes zero and the piece of ground becomes dead land; where nothing can grow.  Ours rejuvenate the land over time, and help to promote fertility as well as microbial activities.
Environment & Sustainability

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